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MITT LINER Black striped wool and acrylic blend, heavy knit. Long integral wristlet for keeping the warm in and the cold out. Ideal for use with #118 CHOPPER MITT, or any mitt shell shown in this section. Men's regular size.
caselot: 10 dz. caseweight 26 lbs.
TIPLESS RAGG WOOL Extra heavy ambidextrous seamless knit glove, 85% wool/15% nylon blend, long knitwrist, brown tweed color. Elimination of finger tips allows use of fingers for writing or other detailed work without removing gloves. One size fits all!
caselot: 1 dz. caseweight 3 lbs.
THERMAX FITS ALL New, space age fabric, bright white stretch knit, ambi construction for double wear. Integral knitwrist. Superior warmth, extra softness, shrink resistant, and machine washable. THERMAX provides the same wicking action of polypropylene. Has the feel of lisle knit and the warmth of ragg wool. Our best glove liner! Can be used for any job where knit gloves are worn, and then some! Outstanding liner in unsupported glove shell for those tasks where both warmth and feel are necessary. Tagged for retail display. One size fits all.
caselot: 12 dz. caseweight 12 lbs.
RAGG WOOL GLOVE LINER Heavy weight seamless knit glove, 85% wool/15% nylon, long knitwrist, brown tweed appearance. Wing thumb (ambi). Can be worn as outside glove or used as a liner. Men's S and L only.
caselot: 1 dz. caseweight 3 lbs.

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